It is always fun photographing a friend photographer. Mostly because when it starts pouring rain right as the session starts, they just go with it! But also because you can try out all of your fun ideas and they can envision it with you! We had planned on gorgeous sunset photos but instead we got a rain storm! We did have to rush through the smoke bomb part of it and had no time to discuss what we wanted to do, but hey, it still worked out and turned out beautiful….mostly because Campbell and John made it look easy! I’m so excited for these two and can’t wait to take pictures at their wedding in November!



These girls are so dear to my heart! I have had the privilege of photographing them since birth and I have so enjoyed seeing how they’ve grown and formed their own little identities! Brooklyn is more chill, laid back and bold. Adalyn is more passionate and opinionated! Both are such sweethearts and I always love capturing their personalities! they even started to reach for me to hold them this time and I think they are starting to remember me now :). Here are some shots from their most recent session that we did at the beach.




May 16, 2018 in Newborns

Oh my gosh, this little girl is the cutest! I have had the honor of photographing her mom and dad’s engagement, wedding and now this precious little girl! She was SO good for her session and I love how her photos came out and I love that head full of hair :).



This little girl was smiling so much during her session! Apparently she loves having her pictures taken just like her mamma :). She is just the sweetest!


February 15, 2018 in Newborns

I got to photograph this cute little guy last month and he was wide awake but oh so adorable! Here are a few of the precious photos from the shoot 🙂







You guys, I can’t tell you how much Campbell and I enjoyed photographing Jacob and Vitoria’s wedding! They were so kind to us and treated us like guests even though we were there for pictures. Their love and happiness shows in their photos too! As you look through them you can see the kind of people they are…kind, loving and fun! I am so excited to share some photos from their wedding and celebration!

All of the vendors did such and amazing job and I highly recommend them!

Wedding Planner: Bayside Weddings and Events (Amy Price)

Flowers: Bayside Weddings and Events (Amy Price)

Catering: Bite Me Deli

DJ: Christian

Videographer: Vasanta Studios

Venue: Isle of Palms St. George Island

Dress: The Sentimentalist

Invitations: Sabrina-In8 Design

Hair and Makeup : Southern Belle’s Hair Salon








I haven’t been to seaside since I was around fourteen years old. My dad had built some houses there and so my family was able to stay there for while he worked. When I last went, it stuck in my memory and I have always wanted to do a shoot there! And even today, it is still one of the prettiest beaches to me! I was so excited to photograph Alyssa and Devon’s engagement session there. They are such a fun couple and I so enjoyed capturing them! I am looking forward to shooting there many more times since I live near that area now 🙂 Here is a little sneak peek of their shoot!


The water was so absolutely breathtaking! Made me want to jump in even though it’s the middle of January!

The artist that painted this was still working on it to the right of the photo! I’m kicking myself for not getting him in one shot!


I almost removed the extra people out of this shot but then I realized that they add to it! Love this shot!

My friend, Summer asked me to take her daughter’s one year portraits and I love how they turned out! I have been taking pictures for Summer since she got married several years ago and now she has an adorable little boy named Gunner and this little sweetheart! One of the things I’ve noticed is that whenever I take pictures of summer and he family, the photos are genuinely real life and natural looking. I love that she just lets her kids be themselves and doesn’t make them pose. She just relaxes and lets them have fun. I feel like it captures their childhood so much more and I encourage you that if you’re going to have photos taken,  let your photographer know that you want less posed shots and more shots of your kids having fun. Trust me there won’t be one regret!



I had the honor of meeting this lovely couple for the first time for their engagement session and I had so much fun taking their pictures! I seriously can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Gin Creek in September! Here are some of their sweet engagement photos!


I had the honor of traveling to Ocala FL for this beautiful, farm wedding that was held at a friend of the bride’s farm called, Horseshoes n Halos. It was an absolutely beautiful place to tie the knot!  Annie and Justin were so easy to work with and their families were a tone of fun! I am excited to share some photos from their day!