I am so excited to share this post today! I can honestly say that its been so much fun! We did a few separate sessions so that we could really get some great shots, and these girls were perfect every single time!  I love how their dog, Piper is sprinkled in a few of them! I’m looking forward to taking their pictures throughout the next year as they grow!



Twins 2 copy Twins 1 copy TWINS3 2 copy TWINS2 31 copy TWINS2 30 copylogo TWINS2 29 copylogo TWINS2 28 copylogo TWINS2 27 copylogo TWINS2 26copy TWINS2 25logo TWINS2 24BWlogo TWINS2 22 copylogo TWINS2 2logo


TWINS2 21 copylogo TWINS2 20 copylogo TWINS2 19 copylogo TWINS2 18 copy TWINS2 17 TWINS2 14 copy TWINS2 13 copy TWINS2 11 copy TWINS2 10 copy TWINS2 9logo TWINS2 8logo

Their mommy is a dentist and so this just seams fitting 🙂

TWINS2 7logo TWINS2 6 copylogo TWINS2 5 copy TWINS2 3 copylogo TWINS 1logo

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