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I loved walking around downtown Boston with these two just chatting and taking pictures! They brought their cute pup and we got some great shots with all of the rustic backgrounds that Boston has to offer! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!





It is always fun photographing a friend photographer. Mostly because when it starts pouring rain right as the session starts, they just go with it! But also because you can try out all of your fun ideas and they can envision it with you! We had planned on gorgeous sunset photos but instead we got a rain storm! We did have to rush through the smoke bomb part of it and had no time to discuss what we wanted to do, but hey, it still worked out and turned out beautiful….mostly because Campbell and John made it look easy! I’m so excited for these two and can’t wait to take pictures at their wedding in November!



I haven’t been to seaside since I was around fourteen years old. My dad had built some houses there and so my family was able to stay there for while he worked. When I last went, it stuck in my memory and I have always wanted to do a shoot there! And even today, it is still one of the prettiest beaches to me! I was so excited to photograph Alyssa and Devon’s engagement session there. They are such a fun couple and I so enjoyed capturing them! I am looking forward to shooting there many more times since I live near that area now 🙂 Here is a little sneak peek of their shoot!


The water was so absolutely breathtaking! Made me want to jump in even though it’s the middle of January!

The artist that painted this was still working on it to the right of the photo! I’m kicking myself for not getting him in one shot!


I almost removed the extra people out of this shot but then I realized that they add to it! Love this shot!

I had the honor of meeting this lovely couple for the first time for their engagement session and I had so much fun taking their pictures! I seriously can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Gin Creek in September! Here are some of their sweet engagement photos!


I so enjoyed photographing this sweet couple! They were very natural in front of the camera and so comfortable with each other! You can definitely see the love that they have for each other too. I am happy to share a few shots we took from their engagement session!


I just love downtown Thomasville near Christmas time!



I made it in a shot 🙂



I photographed Dillon and Kaitlyn’s session at Oven B Park in Tallahassee. It is really starting to feel like spring and I am so excited to finally get some flowers and greenery in some photos! I enjoyed haning out with this sweet couple and am looking forward to their wedding!

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It was so fun photographing Amy and Tim! They are such a happy and easy going couple! We took their photos at the beautiful Gin Creek! Here is a sneak peek of their session.



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Amy collage

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I SO enjoyed spending the evening with these two during their engagement session! I would describe Melissa and Demetrius as a fun and loving couple who love to have a good time! I loved getting to know them and can see such a love between them and I know it will only grow as time goes on. Here are a few photos from their session!



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I love Erin and David’s laid back style! We shot out at Gin Creek, the place that they’re getting married. As always, it is such a beautiful backdrop! Here are a few photos from their session!



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We took Brittany and Bryan’s photos in downtown Tifton and ended it at their wedding venue! I had such a good time talking and getting to know them! Looking forward to their wedding in September!



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