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Y’all, this wedding was beyond amazing! When I first met Stephanie, I instantly loved her! She radiates joy and has such a sweet heart. I have enjoyed getting to know her and Davis throughout photographing their engagement and wedding. Their wedding was simply breathtaking! Stephanie’s mother organized the reception decorations and i was blown away by the job she did! She certainly has a gift! I had the pleasure of working with an incredible team on this wedding.

Venue-Winsome Grove

Flowers-Belle’s Flower Truck


Videography -Eternal Image Films

BAR-The Pour House





We so enjoyed working with Mark and Chrissy to capture their beautiful, destination wedding! The day was beyond perfect! The food, the band, the people, the weather, the beach….I could go on and on! I could have picked hundreds of favorites for the blog but here are a few!

Here are the amazing vendors that pulled it all together!

Wedding Planner: Danie Hall from “I Do” Beach Weddings

Venue: Tops’l Beach and Racquet Resort

Catering/Bar: Tops’l Beach and Racquet Resort

Ceremony Musician: Chris Alvarado (acoustic guitarist

Reception Band: Compozitionz (8 piece band)
Hair/Make-up: Destin Mobile Makeup Box
Florist: Destin Floral Designs
Officiant: Kim Cannon
Rentals/Decor: Big Day Rentals
Cake: Publix at Paradise Key






I’m am so happy to finally have some time to start doing some blogging again! I so enjoyed photographing this lovely couple’s wedding in Destin at the Emerald Grande! The weather was great and the day went so smoothly! Here are a few favorites from Brittney and Pat’s wedding day!





You guys, I can’t tell you how much Campbell and I enjoyed photographing Jacob and Vitoria’s wedding! They were so kind to us and treated us like guests even though we were there for pictures. Their love and happiness shows in their photos too! As you look through them you can see the kind of people they are…kind, loving and fun! I am so excited to share some photos from their wedding and celebration!

All of the vendors did such and amazing job and I highly recommend them!

Wedding Planner: Bayside Weddings and Events (Amy Price)

Flowers: Bayside Weddings and Events (Amy Price)

Catering: Bite Me Deli

DJ: Christian

Videographer: Vasanta Studios

Venue: Isle of Palms St. George Island

Dress: The Sentimentalist

Invitations: Sabrina-In8 Design

Hair and Makeup : Southern Belle’s Hair Salon








I had the honor of traveling to Ocala FL for this beautiful, farm wedding that was held at a friend of the bride’s farm called, Horseshoes n Halos. It was an absolutely beautiful place to tie the knot!  Annie and Justin were so easy to work with and their families were a tone of fun! I am excited to share some photos from their day!




What a sweet couple and awesome day! Leslie and Justin have been so great to work with and I enjoyed being able to capture their wedding day. I met Leslie last year through photographing her family and then her best friend’s wedding and it has been so great being able to now photograph her wedding! Here are a few photos from the day! Congratulations, Leslie and Justin and thank you so much for having me!


LESLIE 2 copy LESLIE 3 copy LESLIE 4 copy LESLIE 5 copy LESLIE 6 copy LESLIE 7 copy LESLIE 8 copy LESLIE 9 copy LESLIE 10 copy LESLIE 11 copy LESLIE 12 copy LESLIE 13 copy LESLIE 14 copy LESLIE 15 copy LESLIE 16 copy LESLIE 17 copy LESLIE 19 copy

LESLIEz copy

LESLIE 23 copy LESLIE 24 copy LESLIE 26 copy LESLIE 27 copy LESLIE 28 copy LESLIE 29 copy LESLIE 31 copy LESLIE 32 copy LESLIE 33 copy LESLIE 34 copy LESLIE 35 copy



LESLIE 37 copy


Leslie Collage1

LESLIE 38 copy


Leslie Collage2LESLIE 40 copy LESLIE 41 copy LESLIE 42 copy LESLIE 43 copy LESLIE 44 copy LESLIE 45 copy LESLIE 46 copy LESLIE 47 copy LESLIE 48 copy LESLIE 49 copy

What a gorgeous day at the beach for a wedding! Jordana captured Julie and Matt’s wedding at St. George Island and said it was so great working with the two of them! Looking through these photos makes me want to be at the beach! I love Julie’s dress blowing in the wind and all of the blue clouds in the background. I am so happy to share a few photos from their wedding day!



Julie 1 copy

Julie 10 copy

Julie 2 copy


Julie 4 copy Julie 5 copy Julie 7 copy Julie 8 copy Julie 9 copy Julie 11 copy Julie 12 copy Julie 13 copy Julie 14 copy Julie 15 copy Julie 16 copy Julie 17 copy Julie 18 copy Julie 19 copy Julie 20 copy Julie 21 copy Julie 22 copy Julie 23 copy Julie 24 copy  Julie 31 copy Julie 35 copy Julie 36 copy Julie 37 copy Julie 38 copy Julie 39 copy Julie 40 copy Julie 41 copy Julie 42 copy Julie 43 copy Julie 46 copy


Julie 47 copy Julie 48 copy Julie 49 copy Julie 50 copy Julie 51 copy Julie 52 copy Julie 53 copy Julie 54 copy Julie 56 copy Julie 57 copy Julie 58 copy Julie 59 copy

I am so happy that Jennifer and Tyler had me photograph their beautiful wedding! It was such a fun day and we captured so many great moments! We finished bride and groom photos literally seconds before the rain poured! Here is a sneak peak of the day!



Jennifer 2 copy Jennifer 3 copy



Jennifer 4logo

Jennifer 1 copy


Jennifer 16 copy


Jennifer 6 copy

Jenniferz copy


Jennifer 7 copy Jennifer 8 copy Jennifer 9 copy Jennifer 10 copy Jennifer 11 copy Jennifer 12 copy Jennifer 13 copy Jennifer 14 copy Jennifer 15 copy Jennifer 17 copy Jennifer 18 copy Jennifer 19 copy Jennifer 20 copy Jennifer 22 copy Jennifer 24 copy



Jennifer 25 copy Jennifer 26 copy Jennifer 28 Jennifer 29 copy Jennifer 30 Jennifer 31 Jennifer 32 copy Jennifer 35 copy Jennifer 36 copy Jennifer 37copy Jennifer 38copy Jennifer 39copy Jennifer 40copy Jennifer 41 copy



Jennifer 43 copy Jennifer 45 copy Jennifer 46 copy Jennifer 47 copy



Jennifer 48 copy



Jennifer 49 copy Jennifer 50 copy



Jennifer 55 copy Jennifer 57 copy Jennifer 58 copy Jennifer 59 copy Jennifer 60 copy Jennifer 61 copy Jennifer 62 copy Jennifer 63 copy Jennifer 65 copy Jennifer 66 copy Jennifer 67 copy Jennifer 68 copy Jennifer 69 copy Jennifer 70 copy Jennifer 71 copy Jennifer 72 copy Jennifer 73 copy Jennifer 74 copy

It was a gorgeous day at Gin Creek and Josh and Amanda were just awesome to work with! I loved spending the day with them, capturing their wedding. They have the most adorable little baby girl, Amelia! She was a big part of the day as well and so we have plenty of photos of her too :). Thank you Amanda and Josh for having me!


AMANDA 1 copy AMANDA 2 copy AMANDA 3 copy AMANDA 4 copy AMANDA 5 copy AMANDA 6 copy AMANDA 7 copy AMANDA 8 copy AMANDA 9 copy AMANDA 10 copy AMANDA 11 copy AMANDA 12 copy AMANDA 13 copy AMANDA 14 copy AMANDA 15 copy AMANDA 16 copy AMANDA 17 copy AMANDA 18 copy AMANDA 19 copy AMANDA 20 copy AMANDA 21 copy AMANDA 22 copy AMANDA 23 copy AMANDA 24 copy AMANDA 25 copy AMANDA 26 copy AMANDA 27 copy AMANDA 28 copy AMANDA 29 copy AMANDA 30 copy



AMANDA 39 copy AMANDA 41 copy

AMANDA 36 copy AMANDAcollage2 AMANDAcollage1

AMANDA 45 copy AMANDA 46 copy AMANDA 47 copy AMANDA 48 copy AMANDA 49 copy AMANDA 50 copy AMANDA 51 AMANDA 52 copy AMANDA 53 copy AMANDA 54 copy


AMANDA 55 copy

Jamie and Samuel’s wedding day was so relaxed and enjoyable. There wasn’t the usual crazy business that surrounds a typical wedding. The scenery of Pebble Hill matched with the weather to create the perfect day! I am so happy to finally share a few photos from their lovely, spring wedding!


Jamie 1 copy Jamie 4 copy Jamie 3 copy Jamie 2 copy


Jamie 5 copy Jamie 7 copy Jamie 8 copy Jamie 9 copy Jamie 10 copy Jamie 11 copy Jamie 14 copy Jamie 15 copy Jamie 16 copy Jamie 17 copy Jamie 18 copy Jamie 19 copy Jamie 20 copy Jamie 21 copy Jamie 22 copy


Jamie 26 copy Jamie 23 copy JamieCollage1


Jamie 29 copy Jamie 30 copy Jamie 31 copy Jamie 32 copy Jamie 33 copy Jamie 34 copy Jamie 35 copy Jamie 37 copy Jamie 38 copy Jamie 40 copy Jamie 41 copy Jamie 42 copy Jamie 44 copy Jamie 49 copy Jamie 51 copylogo Jamie 52 copy Jamie 53 copy Jamie 54 copy Jamie 55 copy Jamie 56 copy Jamie 57 copy Jamie 48 copy


JamieCollage4 JamieCollage2

Jamie 64 Jamie 66 copy Jamie 67 copy Jamie 68 copy Jamie 69 copy