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These girls are so dear to my heart! I have had the privilege of photographing them since birth and I have so enjoyed seeing how they’ve grown and formed their own little identities! Brooklyn is more chill, laid back and bold. Adalyn is more passionate and opinionated! Both are such sweethearts and I always love capturing their personalities! they even started to reach for me to hold them this time and I think they are starting to remember me now :). Here are some shots from their most recent session that we did at the beach.




I so enjoyed photographing Bentley doing his favorite thing… Playing sports! What a sweet part of childhood to capture. I played at the same ball fields that we took these pictures at, when I was a kid! It’s crazy how fast time flies by! Before you know it Bentley will be my age remembering playing here! Thank you Brittany for letting me capture your boy doing what he loves!






What an awesome family this is! I am so excited to share some of the photos from their beach session in Destin. Vanessa is stunningly beautiful as are their two girls Johannah and Ruth and so I had it made in the shade getting good shots! I love the mixture of candids and posed shots throughout this session. I think that most of the photos from any session should be candid. I’m sure you have all heard me ranting about lifestyle photography lately! This session is a great mixture of both lifestyle and portrait style. Thank you so much Vanessa and Tim for asking me to take photos and showing me a new spot in Destin to shoot at! I thoroughly enjoyed it!







What a perfect sunset beach session! This little girl is beautiful and is such a natural in front of the camera. Although Marleigh hates taking pictures, you would never know it by looking at her in these.  I enjoyed getting to know her and her mom, Amber! Here are just a few of the beautiful shots we got of Marleigh.



I love this family! I shot Katie and Kyle’s wedding about four years ago and have enjoyed getting to photograph their sweet family ever since! Their two boys are just adorable!


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This spunky, little girl just turned five years old!  We took her photos downtown and ended her session at the cupcake shop! She wanted a picture with every animal statue that we saw downtown! lol

not the best picture material but she was happy and that’s really all you can ask for! Here are a few pictures from her session. I love her expressions!



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I enjoyed spending the morning with this sweet family taking pictures. Their little girls are just so precious! Thank you, Cook family, for allowing me to take pictures of you and your family!



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