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I had the honor of meeting this lovely couple for the first time for their engagement session and I had so much fun taking their pictures! I seriously can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Gin Creek in September! Here are some of their sweet engagement photos!


I so enjoyed photographing this sweet couple! They were very natural in front of the camera and so comfortable with each other! You can definitely see the love that they have for each other too. I am happy to share a few shots we took from their engagement session!


I just love downtown Thomasville near Christmas time!



I made it in a shot 🙂



What a sweet couple and awesome day! Leslie and Justin have been so great to work with and I enjoyed being able to capture their wedding day. I met Leslie last year through photographing her family and then her best friend’s wedding and it has been so great being able to now photograph her wedding! Here are a few photos from the day! Congratulations, Leslie and Justin and thank you so much for having me!


LESLIE 2 copy LESLIE 3 copy LESLIE 4 copy LESLIE 5 copy LESLIE 6 copy LESLIE 7 copy LESLIE 8 copy LESLIE 9 copy LESLIE 10 copy LESLIE 11 copy LESLIE 12 copy LESLIE 13 copy LESLIE 14 copy LESLIE 15 copy LESLIE 16 copy LESLIE 17 copy LESLIE 19 copy

LESLIEz copy

LESLIE 23 copy LESLIE 24 copy LESLIE 26 copy LESLIE 27 copy LESLIE 28 copy LESLIE 29 copy LESLIE 31 copy LESLIE 32 copy LESLIE 33 copy LESLIE 34 copy LESLIE 35 copy



LESLIE 37 copy


Leslie Collage1

LESLIE 38 copy


Leslie Collage2LESLIE 40 copy LESLIE 41 copy LESLIE 42 copy LESLIE 43 copy LESLIE 44 copy LESLIE 45 copy LESLIE 46 copy LESLIE 47 copy LESLIE 48 copy LESLIE 49 copy

I am so happy that Jennifer and Tyler had me photograph their beautiful wedding! It was such a fun day and we captured so many great moments! We finished bride and groom photos literally seconds before the rain poured! Here is a sneak peak of the day!



Jennifer 2 copy Jennifer 3 copy



Jennifer 4logo

Jennifer 1 copy


Jennifer 16 copy


Jennifer 6 copy

Jenniferz copy


Jennifer 7 copy Jennifer 8 copy Jennifer 9 copy Jennifer 10 copy Jennifer 11 copy Jennifer 12 copy Jennifer 13 copy Jennifer 14 copy Jennifer 15 copy Jennifer 17 copy Jennifer 18 copy Jennifer 19 copy Jennifer 20 copy Jennifer 22 copy Jennifer 24 copy



Jennifer 25 copy Jennifer 26 copy Jennifer 28 Jennifer 29 copy Jennifer 30 Jennifer 31 Jennifer 32 copy Jennifer 35 copy Jennifer 36 copy Jennifer 37copy Jennifer 38copy Jennifer 39copy Jennifer 40copy Jennifer 41 copy



Jennifer 43 copy Jennifer 45 copy Jennifer 46 copy Jennifer 47 copy



Jennifer 48 copy



Jennifer 49 copy Jennifer 50 copy



Jennifer 55 copy Jennifer 57 copy Jennifer 58 copy Jennifer 59 copy Jennifer 60 copy Jennifer 61 copy Jennifer 62 copy Jennifer 63 copy Jennifer 65 copy Jennifer 66 copy Jennifer 67 copy Jennifer 68 copy Jennifer 69 copy Jennifer 70 copy Jennifer 71 copy Jennifer 72 copy Jennifer 73 copy Jennifer 74 copy

Jamie and Samuel’s wedding day was so relaxed and enjoyable. There wasn’t the usual crazy business that surrounds a typical wedding. The scenery of Pebble Hill matched with the weather to create the perfect day! I am so happy to finally share a few photos from their lovely, spring wedding!


Jamie 1 copy Jamie 4 copy Jamie 3 copy Jamie 2 copy


Jamie 5 copy Jamie 7 copy Jamie 8 copy Jamie 9 copy Jamie 10 copy Jamie 11 copy Jamie 14 copy Jamie 15 copy Jamie 16 copy Jamie 17 copy Jamie 18 copy Jamie 19 copy Jamie 20 copy Jamie 21 copy Jamie 22 copy


Jamie 26 copy Jamie 23 copy JamieCollage1


Jamie 29 copy Jamie 30 copy Jamie 31 copy Jamie 32 copy Jamie 33 copy Jamie 34 copy Jamie 35 copy Jamie 37 copy Jamie 38 copy Jamie 40 copy Jamie 41 copy Jamie 42 copy Jamie 44 copy Jamie 49 copy Jamie 51 copylogo Jamie 52 copy Jamie 53 copy Jamie 54 copy Jamie 55 copy Jamie 56 copy Jamie 57 copy Jamie 48 copy


JamieCollage4 JamieCollage2

Jamie 64 Jamie 66 copy Jamie 67 copy Jamie 68 copy Jamie 69 copy


Melissa and Josh could not have had better lighting during their session! I really enjoyed spending the evening with these two and capturing some sweet photos of them!



MELISSA 1 copy copy MELISSA 3 copy copy MELISSA 6 copy copy MELISSA 11 copy copy MELISSA 12 copy copy MELISSA 15 copy copy MELISSA 16 copy copy  MELISSA 19 copy copy MELISSA 20 copy copy

September 18, 2014 in Weddings

As I was sitting here editing Norma and Adam’s photos for the blog my husband and I agreed that they both look like they belong in a magazine! Both of them are just so sweet and were so much fun to photograph! They got married at the Big Oak here in Thomasville and had their reception at Building 209. We are having Flaunt going on here in Thomasville so we decided to take advantage of all of the art hanging downtown and get some shots in front of the yellow bikes that are hanging on the brink walls! I love how they all came out!


Norma W 1 copy Norma W 2 copy

Norma W 5 copy

Norma W 3 copy Norma W 4 copy Norma W2 1 copy Norma W2 2 copy Norma W2 3 copy Norma W2 4 copy Norma W2 5 copy Norma W2 6 copy

Norma W5

Norma W2 10 copy Norma W2 11 copy Norma W2 12 copy Norma W2 13 copy Norma W2 14 copy Norma W2 15 copy Norma W2 16 copy Norma W2 17 copy Norma W2 18 copy Norma W2 19 copy Norma W2 20 copy Norma W2 21 copy Norma W2 22 copy Norma W2 23 copy Norma W2 24 copy Norma W2 26 copy Norma W2 27 copy Norma W2 28 copy Norma W2 29 copy Norma W2 30 copy Norma W2 33 copy Norma W2 34 copy Norma W2 35 copy Norma W2 copy Norma W3 1 copy Norma W3 2 copy Norma W3 3 copy Norma W3 4 copy Norma W3 5 copy Norma W3 8 copy

Norma W7

Norma W3 9 copy Norma W3 10 copy Norma W3 11 copy Norma W3 12 copy Norma W3 13 copy Norma W3 14 copy Norma W3 15 copy Norma W3 16 copy Norma W3 17 copy Norma W3 18 copy Norma W3 19 copy Norma W3 20 copy Norma W3 21 copy Norma W3 22 copy Norma W3 23 copy Norma W3 24 copy Norma W3 25 copy Norma W3 26 copy Norma W4 3 copy Norma W4 4 copy Norma W4 5 copy Norma W4 6 copy Norma W4 7 copy Norma W4 8 copy Norma W4 9 copy Norma W4 10 copy Norma W4 11 copy Norma W4 12 copy

I loved working with Kaili and Kyle! Their wedding day went so smoothly and I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding party to work with! I was so appreciative of their willingness to try out my ideas and patience as I got everyone into position. Thank you Kaili and Kyle for letting me be apart of your big day!



 KAILI 2 copy

KAILI 4 copy

KAILI 5 copy KAILI 6 copy KAILI 7 copy KAILI 8 copy KAILI 9 copy KAILI 10 copy KAILI 21 copy KAILI 22 copy KAILI 23 copy KAILI2 1 copy KAILI2 2 copy KAILI2 3 copy KAILI2 4 copy KAILI2 5 copy KAILI2 6 copy KAILI2 7 copy KAILI2 8 copy KAILI2 9 copy KAILI2 10 copy KAILI2 11 copy KAILI2 12 copy KAILI2 13 copy KAILI2 14 copy KAILI2 15 copy KAILI2 17 copy KAILI2 18 copy KAILI2 19 copy KAILI3 1 copy KAILI3 2 copy KAILI3 3 copy KAILI3 4 copy KAILI3 5 copy


KAILI 11 copy KAILI 14 copy KAILI 16 copy


KAILI3 6 copy KAILI3 7 copy KAILI3 8 copy KAILI3 9 copy KAILI3 10 copy KAILI3 11 copy KAILI3 12 copy KAILI3 14 copy