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I had the honor of meeting this lovely couple for the first time for their engagement session and I had so much fun taking their pictures! I seriously can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Gin Creek in September! Here are some of their sweet engagement photos!


What an awesome family this is! I am so excited to share some of the photos from their beach session in Destin. Vanessa is stunningly beautiful as are their two girls Johannah and Ruth and so I had it made in the shade getting good shots! I love the mixture of candids and posed shots throughout this session. I think that most of the photos from any session should be candid. I’m sure you have all heard me ranting about lifestyle photography lately! This session is a great mixture of both lifestyle and portrait style. Thank you so much Vanessa and Tim for asking me to take photos and showing me a new spot in Destin to shoot at! I thoroughly enjoyed it!







It weighs so heavily on my heart as a photographer to talk about the part of photography that I am most passionate about. Lifestyle photography is so much more than a portrait.

As a mom you may feel overwhelmed taking care of your babies, children and toddlers, but I am confident of this. ONE DAY, you will wish you were overwhelmed again. Overwhelmed of having their arms around you pulling every ounce of love out of you, overwhelmed by their need of you to be in their life every waking or (sleeping) moment, and overwhelmed by them constantly saying “mom, mom, mom!”.  Mom’s, please don’t be so obsessed with having magazine picture perfect shots of your children. They may capture beauty, but they don’t really capture character in the same way. Lifestyle photography captures motherhood and childhood as it REALLY is… from snuggling up reading books, to swimming or even tantrums or spilled cereal! You will miss this time and one day you will want to look back through a book of photos that shows not only your children but your relationship with them and you can re-live them being in your arms again and loving you more than anyone else in the world. Remember how wedding photography evolved from stiff posed shots, to amazing candid and romantic shots? I have nothing against a few posed shots to show what everyone looks like but I think the majority of the photos should show more than that. Lets not wait any longer to get photography to evolve to the much better “lifestyle” photography.

I can count on one hand the times that someone has asked me to do a lifestyle session. This HAS to change! I am wanting to evolve my photography into what I care most about. Preserving your REAL memories with your children. So, please take the chance and on your next session, ask me to come document your family! You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner and I PROMISE you won’t have one regret!

We all have a different story. I have 6 sons, and so a whole lot of my own lifestyle photos include wrestling and video games! Haha


Some examples of Lifestyle sessions can be:

Just a normal day in your everyday life

A swim day with the kids

A day at the beach

Capturing the holidays

A special tradition that you and your family enjoy…



This was a sweet family I photographed several years ago but it’s still one of my favorite sessions. We documented a morning in their lives with their two sweet kids!

mifestyle2 9 copy Lifestyle 9 copy

Lifestyle 1 copy

mifestyle2 23 copy Lifestyle 19 copy

Just a dog and his girl 🙂

Lifestyle 22 copy mifestyle2 38 copy





Tucker 103 copy Tucker 27 copy


lifestyle 2 copy

This is the “stone cold” expression my 2 year old gets quite often. Love his serious self!

LAKIN 31 copy copy

This is my oldest with his baby brother. He loves his little brothers and they love him!

LAKIN 25 copy copy LAKIN 16 copy



LAKIN 33 copy copy

Playing in the yard! This was themed session with a lifestyle approach.

girlsShoot 17 copy copy girlsShoot 20 copyBW copy

Dad of the year! Little Gabe thinks so anyway!

Cbeach2017 8 copy

Cousins hanging out in the ocean!

BEACH2017 100 copy


A little arts and craft time!

S 82 copy

Wrestling wars break out in my house all the time!

wrestling 1 copy


wrestling 4 copy


Sometimes the little guys can’t quite hang…

wrestling 3 copy


Fritzche 20 copy


Suarez 33 copy Lakin 1 (1) copy KIM 33 copy

My sister Kim with her kids, getting ready for Christmas. Her boys break out the instruments all the time at her house and we get to enjoy their talent!

KIM 20 copy

Just a little Thanksgiving Eve game of Pie in the Face.

All nighter collagecopy

We have a tradition that we call the “all nighter”. On Thanksgiving Eve the boys stay up the whole night smoking turkeys with their cousins and playing games.

All nighter 28 copy copy All nighter 25 copy copy All nighter 22 copy copy All nighter 21 copy copy All nighter 15 copy copy All nighter2 19 copy copy