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I had the honor of meeting this lovely couple for the first time for their engagement session and I had so much fun taking their pictures! I seriously can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Gin Creek in September! Here are some of their sweet engagement photos!


I had the honor of traveling to Ocala FL for this beautiful, farm wedding that was held at a friend of the bride’s farm called, Horseshoes n Halos. It was an absolutely beautiful place to tie the knot!  Annie and Justin were so easy to work with and their families were a tone of fun! I am excited to share some photos from their day!




It was incredibly fun hanging out with these two love birds! Henry drove us all around the woods in his jeep! I felt as though I was on a safari. He took us to some of his favorite spots in the woods which happened to be great spots for a photoshoot. I’m pretty sure I could have taken pictures for hours and hours and never have gotten bored!




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Jacquie was such an organized bride and was so easy to work with! Both her and Robbie were very laid back and easy to work with! I feel so lucky to work with clients that are so understanding and relaxed, and I know that their mood effects the photography in such a great way! It was such a hot day, that when a rain shower hit in the evening, I don’t think anyone complained! Here are my favorite shots from their wedding!





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I had so much fun getting to know Amanda and Brad even though they are NOT FL Gator fans! lol I mistakenly kept trying to get them to wear orange and blue. Oops!  They are so laid back and fun to talk to! I am excited to photograph their upcoming wedding!



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This Saturday Jessica and Alex will be getting married at Gin Creek. They live in NC and so they were not able to take engagement photos until this week, when they came into town for the wedding. I really enjoyed getting to know both of them as we shot their engagement photos. Both of them are so kind and relaxed, and just fun to be around! Cant wait until Saturday when we have the chance to capture some more beautiful images! Congrats Jessica and Alex!



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