I have been dreaming up some ideas for a little girls photo shoot for the last several months and I knew just the girls that would be perfect! I’ve been taking Braylyn and Madeline’s pictures since before Madeline was even born and I always love it! Braylyn, the older one, had us cracking up the whole time! She is such a fashion diva and had a whole lot of opinion on what she was wearing and how she would wear it! I think her exact words were, “Im going to look ridiculous in that!” Haha! But she was still willing to try everything and for that I have to give her a big high five! Madeline wasn’t so enthusiastic! She just wanted to be snuggled up in her blanket the whole time! I have to admit, with it being a little chilly outside, I kind of did too! Here are a few photos from the shoot!

If you enjoyed this styled shoot and you would be interested in one of your own, then get in touch with me and we can start planning!



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