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I am just catching up on blogging from session done a few months ago. I actually already gave Rachel her photos already, but I still wanted to share a few on here for others to see :). Rachel is such a beautiful girl inside and out! She is playful and yet mature all at the same time! We tried our best to capture the real her and I think we succeeded!



Rachel 2 copy Rachel 4 copy Rachel 5 copy Rachel 6 copy Rachel 7 copy Rachel 8 copy Rachel 9 copy Rachel 10 copy Rachel 11 copy Rachel 12 copy Rachel 14 copy Rachel 16 copy Rachel 17 copy

October 26, 2015 in Seniors

I enjoyed spending the evening with Carson and his mom at Pebble Hill for his senior photos! They were both so pleasant to work with and I am thrilled to share a few photos from his session!


Carson copy

Carson 1 copy Carson 2 copy Carson 5 copy Carson 6 copy

Carson 4 copy

Carson 9 copy Carson 10 copy

August 10, 2015 in Seniors

I can’t believe how much my niece, Anna has changed over the past few years! I remember holding her when she was born and now she’s almost out of high school! I’m so proud of who she has become. You won’t meet a kinder and more serving teenager! She has tons of siblings that she helps take care of and she does it cheerfully! I can’t wait to see the rich blessings that God has in store for this beautiful girl! Here are some portraits that we took of her the other day!



ANNA 1 copy ANNA 2 copy ANNA 3 copy ANNA 4 copy ANNA 5 copy ANNA 6 copy ANNA 7 copy ANNA 8 copy  ANNA 10 copy ANNA 11 copy ANNA 12 copy ANNA 13 copy

Well it rained all afternoon before Kate’s session but we were not going to give up easy since we had worked so hard on finding a good date for pictures! The rain stopped in time for the session and it really helped to bring out the vibrant colors of Pebble Hill. Right at the end of the session the sun peaked out for a nice glimmer behind the flower garden!



Kate 1 copy Kate 2 copy Kate 3 copy Kate 4 copy Kate 5 copy Kate 6 copy Kate 7 copy Kate 8 copy Kate 9 copy Kate 10 copy Kate 11 copy Kate 12 copy Kate 13 copy Kate 14 copy Kate 15 copy