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I am happy to share a few of the photos from Jessi and Hunter’s engagement session! I just love this little chapel that Jessi found for us to take them at!



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Jessica got in touch with me recently wanting to get some maternity portraits done. She suggested that we reenact some of their engagement photos that we had taken two years ago! For their engagement session, they had an epic mud/pillow fight! And so we went for it and we even got lucky enough to have similar weather that we did two years ago! Look at the end of the post for some before and after shots from their engagement session to their maternity session!




Jessica 1 copy Jessica 2 copy Jessica 3 copy Jessica 4 copy Jessica 5 copy Jessica 7 copy Jessica 10 copy Jessica 12 Jessica 13 Jessica 14 copy Jessica 15 copy Jessica 16 copy Jessica 17 copy Jessica 18 copy

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collage4  collage6



I drove up to Perry, Ga to photograph Molly and Michael’s engagement session at their wedding venue “The Green Bell”. It was a very chilly morning but as soon as we started moving around, we warmed up! I can definitely say that working with these two is and will be a treat! They are both so go with the flow and easy to hang out with!



Bonnie 1 copy Bonnie 2 copy Bonnie 3 copy Bonnie 4 copy Bonnie 5 copy Bonnie 6 copy Bonnie 7 copy Bonnie 8 copy Bonnie 9 copy Bonnie 10 copy Bonnie 11 copy Bonnie 12 copy Bonnie 13 copy Bonnie 14 copy




There is nothing better then having the opportunity to photograph a proposal! Katie had begun talking to John about taking photos together about 6 months ago. John being a “guy” wasn’t exactly thrilled about it at first, until he realized that it was the perfect way to propose! He asked me to set them up in a pose with her facing away from him and then ask her to turn and face him and he would be on a knee with the ring. His plan worked brilliantly! She was so surprised and excited! Here are the photos leading up to the proposal as well as the proposal itself! Little did Katie know that this would turn into an engagement session half way through! LOVE their photos!



katie 1 copy katie 2 copy katie 4 copy katie 5 copy katie 6 copy katie 7 copy katie 8 copy katie 10 copy katie 11 copy katie 12 copy katie 13 copy katie 14 copy katie 16 copy katie 17 copy katie 18 copy katie 19 copy katie 20 copy katie 21 copy katie 22 copy katie 23 copy katie 24 copy katie 28 copy katie 29 copy katie 30 copy katie 31 copy




I am excited to finally share a few of Haley and Bob’s engagement photos! They are such a gorgeous couple and it was not hard at all to get some beautiful photos of them! I am SO looking forward to photographing their wedding in May!



HALEY 1 copy HALEY 2 copy HALEY 4 copy HALEY 5 copy HALEY 6 copy HALEY 7 copy

HALEY copy

HALEY 8 copy HALEY 9 copy HALEY 12 copy


HALEY 16 copy HALEY 18 copy HALEY 19 copy HALEY 20 copy HALEY 21 copy HALEY 22 copy




The lighting, the locations, the couple and everything about this shoot went perfectly! We started off in downtown Thomasville. Flaunt is happening for the month of September and so there was a lot of beautiful art on the walls! After we were done downtown we headed for a beautiful patch of woods on a backroad that I used to live across from. The sunset was spectacular and gave us some pretty incredible shots! I’m so happy we were able to get some artistic shots as well as beautiful portraits!


JESS 1 copy JESS 2 copy

JESS 39 copy

JESS 3 copy JESS 4 copy  JESS 6 copy JESS 11 copy JESS 12 copy JESS 13 copy


JESS 15 copy

JESS 18 copy JESS 19 copy JESS 21 copy JESS 22 copy JESS 23 copy JESS 24 copy JESS 25 copy JESS 27 copy JESS 29 copy JESS 30 copy JESS 33 copy  Jess2 Jess3

We photographed Allyce and Daniel’s engagement at the beautiful Pebble Hill Plantation! The weather was very nice considering it is mid August and we were able to get some beautiful shots! I am excited to photograph their wedding in November! Here are some of my favorites from their session!



Allyce 1 copy Allyce 2 copy Allyce 3 copy Allyce 4 copy Allyce 5 copy Allyce 6 copy Allyce 7 copy Allyce 8 copy Allyce 9 copy Allyce 10 copy Allyce 11 copy Allyce 12 copy Allyce 13 copy Allyce 14 copy Allyce 15 copy Allyce 16 copy Allyce 17 copy Allyce 18 copy Allyce 19 copy Allyce 20 copy

Alex and Zach are getting married at Pebble Hill in the fall so they figured they would do a nice summer engagement session there and enjoy all of the beautiful greenery! I love shooting at Pebble hill. There are so many beautiful backdrops and even shade if needed! I know it will be beautiful in the fall as well when all of those green leaves turn orange!
Here are a few of the beautiful photos that we captured!

ALEX 1 copy ALEX 2 copy ALEX 3 copy ALEX 4 copy ALEX 5 copy ALEX 6 copy ALEX 7 copy ALEX 8 copy

ALEX2 2 copy ALEX2 1 copy

ALEX 9 copy ALEX 10 copy ALEX 11 copy ALEX 12 copy


Chris and Keondrea are perfect together. It’s easy to see Chris’s  sense of humor and he ended up making Keondrea laugh a lot during the session! But it made for great pictures and we had lots of fun in the process! WE started off at th epark for some nice sunset pictures and then went downtown for some more rustic shots! I must confess that I normally don’t do very many black and white photos because I love color so much, but these specific photos are just beautiful in black and white and so I couldn’t resist!



Keondrea 1 copy Keondrea 2 copy Keondrea 3 copy Keondrea 4 copy Keondrea 5 copy Keondrea 6 copy Keondrea 7 copy Keondrea 8 copy Keondrea 9 copy Keondrea 10 copy Keondrea 11 copy Keondrea 12 copy Keondrea 13 copy Keondrea 14 copy

We got up early in the morning and photographed Daniel and Erin at a friend of Daniel’s property that had a beautiful landscape of woods and a lake. Although it was hot, I know that we beat the real heat that would have arrived around noon! I really enjoyed getting to know these two and am looking forward to their big day!


ERIN 17 copy

ERIN 1 copy ERIN 2 copy ERIN 4 copy ERIN 5 copy ERIN 6 copy ERIN 7 copy ERIN 11 copy ERIN 12 copy ERIN 13 copy ERIN 14 copy ERIN 15 copy ERIN 16 copy