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I photographed Dillon and Kaitlyn’s session at Oven B Park in Tallahassee. It is really starting to feel like spring and I am so excited to finally get some flowers and greenery in some photos! I enjoyed haning out with this sweet couple and am looking forward to their wedding!

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It was so fun photographing Amy and Tim! They are such a happy and easy going couple! We took their photos at the beautiful Gin Creek! Here is a sneak peek of their session.



AMY 1 copy AMY 2 copy

Amy collage

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I SO enjoyed spending the evening with these two during their engagement session! I would describe Melissa and Demetrius as a fun and loving couple who love to have a good time! I loved getting to know them and can see such a love between them and I know it will only grow as time goes on. Here are a few photos from their session!



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I love Erin and David’s laid back style! We shot out at Gin Creek, the place that they’re getting married. As always, it is such a beautiful backdrop! Here are a few photos from their session!



Erin 1 copy Erin 2 copy Erin 3 copy Erin 4 copy Erin 5 copy  Erin 7jpg Erin 10 copy Erin 12 copy Erin 13 copy Erin 14 copy Erin 15 copy

We took Brittany and Bryan’s photos in downtown Tifton and ended it at their wedding venue! I had such a good time talking and getting to know them! Looking forward to their wedding in September!



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I had such a fun, Sunday afternoon taking pictures of this lovely couple! We went all over Thomasville and just hung out while we got some beautiful candid shots of the two of them. I am looking forward to photographing their wedding April next year at Pebble Hill Plantation!



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It was incredibly fun hanging out with these two love birds! Henry drove us all around the woods in his jeep! I felt as though I was on a safari. He took us to some of his favorite spots in the woods which happened to be great spots for a photoshoot. I’m pretty sure I could have taken pictures for hours and hours and never have gotten bored!




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Kaley29 copy

Kaley 6 copy




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I am happy to share a few of the photos from Jessi and Hunter’s engagement session! I just love this little chapel that Jessi found for us to take them at!



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Jessica got in touch with me recently wanting to get some maternity portraits done. She suggested that we reenact some of their engagement photos that we had taken two years ago! For their engagement session, they had an epic mud/pillow fight! And so we went for it and we even got lucky enough to have similar weather that we did two years ago! Look at the end of the post for some before and after shots from their engagement session to their maternity session!




Jessica 1 copy Jessica 2 copy Jessica 3 copy Jessica 4 copy Jessica 5 copy Jessica 7 copy Jessica 10 copy Jessica 12 Jessica 13 Jessica 14 copy Jessica 15 copy Jessica 16 copy Jessica 17 copy Jessica 18 copy

Collage1 Collage2


collage4  collage6



I drove up to Perry, Ga to photograph Molly and Michael’s engagement session at their wedding venue “The Green Bell”. It was a very chilly morning but as soon as we started moving around, we warmed up! I can definitely say that working with these two is and will be a treat! They are both so go with the flow and easy to hang out with!



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