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June 16, 2016 in Newborns

I have ANOTHER new little nephew! We have had lots of additions to our family recently and we are loving all these newborns to hold and love on! Now we are just waiting on Angela and Josh to have their precious little girl!

Ok, so Noah and his big brother Christian are THE most beautiful babies ever! If you don’t believe me, just look below! There’s no way you can disagree!



Raven 1 (1) copy Raven 2 (1) copy Raven 3 (1) copy Raven 5 (1) copy Raven 6 (1) copy Raven 7 (1) copy Raven 9 (1) copy Raven 10 (1) copy Raven 11 copy Raven 12 copy RAVEN (1)




June 15, 2016 in Babies, Newborns

I’m so happy for my friends Adam and Cheryl on their new baby boy, Luke! I have had the privilege of photographing their daughter, Eden when she was born and now I got to take pictures of Luke as well! Thanks for having me Adam and Cheryl and congrats on an adorable little boy!



Luke 6 copy Luke 14 copy Luke 32 copy Luke 77 copy Luke 81 copy Luke 84 copy Luke 87 copy Luke 105 copy Luke 112 copy

Introducing my adorable nephew Josiah Peter! Is he not the most adorable little guy ever?! His hair is just beautiful! His big sister had a great time giving him kisses during his session. My brother and sister in law make some cute babies!



Twyla 1 copy Twyla 2 copy Twyla 4 copy Twyla 5 copy Twyla 6 copy Twyla 7 copy Twyla 8 copy Twyla 9 copy copy Twyla 10 copy Twyla 11 copy copy Twyla 12 copy copy Twyla 13 copy Twyla 14 copy

I had the honor of photographing Caroline’s mom and dad’s proposal, wedding and now I got to photograph their sweet little angel! Love this family!



Caroline 1 copy

Notice mom and dad’s faces in the mirror?

Caroline 2 copy Caroline 3 copy Caroline 4 copy Caroline 5 copy Caroline 6 copy Caroline 7 copy Caroline 8 copy Caroline 9 copy Caroline 10 copy Caroline 11 copy Caroline 12 copy Caroline 13 copy Caroline 14 copy Caroline 15 copy Caroline 16 copy

It was so fun photographing little Tucker! I just love the way that Jordan decorated his room…such a great backdrop for beautiful photos! Here are a few of the shots that we got from his session!


Tucker 1 copy Tucker 2 copy Tucker 3 copy Tucker 4 copy  Tucker 6 copy Tucker 7 copy Tucker 8 copy Tucker 9 copy Tucker 10 copy Tucker 11 copy Tucker 12 copy

Tucker 13 copy Tucker 14 copy

Tucker 16 copy

Tucker 15 copy Tucker 17 copy Tucker 19 copy Tucker 20 copy Tucker 21 copy Tucker 22 copy Tucker 23 copy Tucker 24 copy Tucker 25 copy Tucker 26 copy

March 21, 2016 in Newborns

I really enjoyed spending time with Katie and her sweet little girl, Olivia when we did Olivia’s newborn photos. She is such a good baby and it was easy to photograph her! It can be so hard photographing newborns sometimes because they are so unpredictable, but this little princess was a breeze! Big sister came home from school at the end of her session and she immediately became happy! You could tell that she loved hearing and seeing her big sister!



OLIVIA 2 copy OLIVIA 3 copy OLIVIA 4 copy OLIVIA 5 copy copy OLIVIA 6 copy copy OLIVIA 7 copy copy OLIVIA 9 copy OLIVIA 10 copy OLIVIA 11 copy copy OLIVIA 12 copy copy OLIVIA 13 copy copy OLIVIA 14 copy copy OLIVIA 16 copy copy OLIVIA 17 copy copy OLIVIA 18 copy copy




September 29, 2015 in Newborns

I’m so happy for my awesome friend, Alaina who finally had her little boy! Kenrick is the strongest baby I’ve ever seen hands down! We put him in a basket hoping to get sweet photo of a baby sleeping, but he woke right up and tried to crawl right out of the basket! He did finally fall asleep at the next stop we made at the cotton field and I love how the photos came out!



Kenrick 1 copy Kenrick 2 copy Kenrick 3 copy Kenrick 4 copy

Kenrick 13 copy

Kenrick 5 copy

Kenrick 9 copy

Kenrick 6 copy Kenrick 7 copy Kenrick 8 copy  Kenrick 10 copy Kenrick 11 copy Kenrick 12 copy

August 11, 2015 in Newborns

It seems like the week for photographing awake and alert newborns! Baby Hugh was so aware of his surroundings and seemed to love all of the background noise of his brother and sister playing and interacting! I’m not even sure I got any pictures of him sleeping because he was just as content as can be to stay awake and not miss a thing! Here are some photos we got of him and his family!



Hugh 1 (1) copy Hugh 1 copy Hugh 2 (1) copy  Hugh 3 (1) copy Hugh 4 (1) copy copy  Hugh 5 (1) copy Hugh 6 (1) copy Hugh 7 (1) copy

Hugh 9 (1) copy

Hugh 8 (1) copy

Hugh 10 (1) copy Hugh 11 (1) copy Hugh 5 copy Hugh 6 copy

Hugh 7 copy

Hugh 8 copy Hugh 9 copy Hugh 10 copy Hugh 11 copy




August 11, 2015 in Newborns

Easton was a perfect little boy for his session. He was happy and WIDE awake for most of the time! We went to his grandfathers cabin for the shoot and there was lots of nice rustic backgrounds which made it perfect for a little boy newborn session! Here are just a few of the shots that we got of him.


EASTON 2 copy

EASTON 1 copy  EASTON 3 copy EASTON 6 copy EASTON 7 copy EASTON 8 copy EASTON 9 copy EASTON 10 copy EASTON 11 copy EASTON 12 copy EASTON 13 copy EASTON 14 copy EASTON 15 copy EASTON 16 copy EASTON 17 copy

EASTON2 copy

This little girl arrived just in time for summer and she loves being outdoors already! Every time we would step outside for a few pictures, she would get so calm and relaxed! She never cried throughout the whole session! I love the ones of her in her swim suit!



Kerri 1 copy Kerri 2 copy Kerri 3 copy Kerri 6 copy Kerri 7 copy Kerri 8 Kerri 10 copy Kerri 11 copy Kerri 12 copy Kerri 13 copy Kerri 14 copy Kerri 15 copy Kerri 16 copy Kerri1 copy