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Oh my gosh, if this little boy doesn’t give you baby fever, no others will! He is seriously so adorable and sweet! My favorite thing about him is his lips! Mom and dad are going to have a hard time telling him no in the future!



Look at that face! SO freakin cute!

Ahh…. the drool says it all!

Those lips!



August 7, 2017 in Newborns

What a precious little girl! She was wide awake the whole session even though she was seemingly asleep in some of these photos! Just love those sweet little newborns!


May 30, 2017 in Newborns

My cousin Rachel just had her 3rd baby and I was excited to come and photograph his newborn session! Rachel’s house is perfect for photography. Lots of light and gorgeous textures everywhere! Here are a few favorited form his session.



RACHEL 3 (1) copy RACHEL 5 copy RACHEL 7 copy RACHEL 9 copy RACHEL 10 RACHEL 15copy


RACHEL 12 copy

RACHEL 25logo RACHEL 40 copy RACHEL 54 copy RACHEL 61

I photographed Ashley and Joe’s wedding at St. George Island a couple years ago and now they have a precious little boy to photograph! Little Garett didn’t sleep much during his newborn session. Who wants to sleep when your at the beach anyways?! His lips are one in a million adorable… I have the picture below to prove it!  Here are a few favorites from their session with Garett! Thank you guys or having me back to take pictures of your boy!



ASHLEY 8 copy copy ASHLEY 9bandw copy ASHLEY 15 copy ASHLEY 18 copy ASHLEY 23 copy ASHLEY 25 copy ASHLEY 34 copy ASHLEY 36 copy ASHLEY 42 copy ASHLEY 44 copy ASHLEY 45 copy ASHLEY 49 copy ASHLEY 50 copy ASHLEY 52 copy



January 18, 2017 in Newborns

I was so happy to be able to see my friend’s newest little addition! Mercy looks just like her sister Fynlee! Carissa, you and Mitchell sure do make beautiful babies!


Mercy 3 copy Mercy 8 Mercy 24 copy Mercy 30 copy Mercy 33 Mercy 45 copy


Mercy 42

January 18, 2017 in Newborns

I loved photographing this cute little guy! He was wide awake through out his whole session but that’s ok, because he was so good and bright eyed! Here are a few pictures from his session.



Jessica 1 copy Jessica 2 copy Jessica 3 copy Wyatt 27 Wyatt 37 Wyatt 40 copy Wyatt 42 copy Wyatt 46 copy

I am so excited to share this post today! I can honestly say that its been so much fun! We did a few separate sessions so that we could really get some great shots, and these girls were perfect every single time!  I love how their dog, Piper is sprinkled in a few of them! I’m looking forward to taking their pictures throughout the next year as they grow!



Twins 2 copy Twins 1 copy TWINS3 2 copy TWINS2 31 copy TWINS2 30 copylogo TWINS2 29 copylogo TWINS2 28 copylogo TWINS2 27 copylogo TWINS2 26copy TWINS2 25logo TWINS2 24BWlogo TWINS2 22 copylogo TWINS2 2logo


TWINS2 21 copylogo TWINS2 20 copylogo TWINS2 19 copylogo TWINS2 18 copy TWINS2 17 TWINS2 14 copy TWINS2 13 copy TWINS2 11 copy TWINS2 10 copy TWINS2 9logo TWINS2 8logo

Their mommy is a dentist and so this just seams fitting 🙂

TWINS2 7logo TWINS2 6 copylogo TWINS2 5 copy TWINS2 3 copylogo TWINS 1logo

June 16, 2016 in Newborns

I have ANOTHER new little nephew! We have had lots of additions to our family recently and we are loving all these newborns to hold and love on! Now we are just waiting on Angela and Josh to have their precious little girl!

Ok, so Noah and his big brother Christian are THE most beautiful babies ever! If you don’t believe me, just look below! There’s no way you can disagree!



Raven 1 (1) copy Raven 2 (1) copy Raven 3 (1) copy Raven 5 (1) copy Raven 6 (1) copy Raven 7 (1) copy Raven 9 (1) copy Raven 10 (1) copy Raven 11 copy Raven 12 copy RAVEN (1)




June 15, 2016 in Babies, Newborns

I’m so happy for my friends Adam and Cheryl on their new baby boy, Luke! I have had the privilege of photographing their daughter, Eden when she was born and now I got to take pictures of Luke as well! Thanks for having me Adam and Cheryl and congrats on an adorable little boy!



Luke 6 copy Luke 14 copy Luke 32 copy Luke 77 copy Luke 81 copy Luke 84 copy Luke 87 copy Luke 105 copy Luke 112 copy

Introducing my adorable nephew Josiah Peter! Is he not the most adorable little guy ever?! His hair is just beautiful! His big sister had a great time giving him kisses during his session. My brother and sister in law make some cute babies!



Twyla 1 copy Twyla 2 copy Twyla 4 copy Twyla 5 copy Twyla 6 copy Twyla 7 copy Twyla 8 copy Twyla 9 copy copy Twyla 10 copy Twyla 11 copy copy Twyla 12 copy copy Twyla 13 copy Twyla 14 copy