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Ahh… at last I can share some of the photos from the styled session that I planned for the Rich family! I’m so thankful that Megan was willing to listen to my idea of doing this shoot out in the middle of the woods! I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out! IT really feels good when a plan comes together and you get to see your vision play out. The idea was to get them spending family time together like reading books and having hot coco, only it would be done in the middle of the woods sitting in a living room setup. They also did s’mores around a fire! The great thing about these sessions is that the kids have fun instead of having to pose! Lane loved the magnifying glass that I brought to use as a prop to sit on the table but he had so much fun with it and immediately started to try to look at bugs!



Megan 1 copy Megan 2 copy Megan 4 copy Megan 5 copy Megan 6 copy Megan 8 copylogo Megan 9 copylogo Megan 11 copy Megan 12 copy Megan 13 copy Megan 15 copy Megan 16 copy



Megan 19 copy Megan 20 copylogo Megan 21 copylogo Megan 23 copy Megan 24 copy Megan 25 copy Megan 28 copy Megan 29 copy Megan 30 copylogo Megan 33 copylogo Megan 34 copylogo rich 1 copy copy rich 2 copy copy rich 3 copy rich 5 copy copy

I loved spending the morning with this sweet family! These boys were all about playing and we had to chase after them to get photos. I think candid photos of boys playing are better than posed photos anyways! Here are some of my favorites!


Jackie 1 copy Jackie 2 copy Jackie 3 copy Jackie 4 copylogo Jackie 5 copylogo Jackie 7 copy Jackie 8 copylogo Jackie 9 copylogo Jackie 10 copylogo Jackie 11 copy Jackie 12 copy Jackie 13 copy

I love this family! I shot Katie and Kyle’s wedding about four years ago and have enjoyed getting to photograph their sweet family ever since! Their two boys are just adorable!


GahringFall 4 copylogo GahringFall 7 copy GahringFall 17 copy GahringFall 21 copy GahringFall 24 copy GahringFall 25 copy copy GahringFall 40 copy GahringFall 46 copylogo GahringFall 47 copy GahringFall 53 copy copy

I enjoyed spending the morning with this sweet family taking pictures. Their little girls are just so precious! Thank you, Cook family, for allowing me to take pictures of you and your family!



Amanda 1copy Amanda 2copy Amanda 3copy Amanda 4 copy Amanda 5 copy Amanda 6 copy Amanda 7copy



Amanda 9 copy Amanda 10copy


AMANDA copycopy

Amanda 12copy Amanda 13 Amanda 14copy Amanda 15copy


I always have so much fun planning a fun, unique session for a family that fits with their style! I have been wanting to do a fun summer-like session with water and popsicles. I feel like I’m reliving my own child hood days when we spent the whole day outside no matter how hot is was and if we were too hot, well… we’d just play in the hose! (FYI, as I was typing this, my 7 year old just walked up to me and said, “mom can we play in the hose?”) haha!

The kids had so much fun with this session and instead of fighting unwilling participants, we made awesome memories! I think this should be the new trend for family pictures…. to HAVE FUN together!!!


   Michelle 5 copy Michelle 6 copy Michelle 8 copy Michelle 9 copy Michelle 10 copy Michelle 11 copy Michelle 12 copy

SO what happened in the picture below, is that little brother hit the spout on the sprinkler right as older sister leaned down over it. Can you here her scream, “DILLON!!!”? HAHA, I love his laugh of complete satisfaction!

Michelle 13bw Michelle 14 copyBW Michelle 15 copy Michelle 16 copy Michelle 17 copy Michelle 18 copy Michelle 19 copy

I enjoyed spending the morning with this sweet family! Landon and Grady were “all boy!”. They could barely sit still long enough to get one picture, but you know what? That’s how little boys are! They aren’t supposed to sit around cheesing  for pictures! They are supposed to go explore! So we have a lot of candids of them running around trying to escape! Haha!



Lindsey 1 copy  Lindsey 2 copy Lindsey 3 copy copy Lindsey 4 copy copy Lindsey 5 BW  Lindsey 6 copy copy Lindsey 7 copy copy Lindsey 9 copy copy Lindsey 10 copy copy Lindsey 12 copy copy copy  Lindsey 13 copy copy Lindsey 14 copy copy Lindsey 15 copy copy Lindsey 16 copy copy  Lindsey 19 copy Lindsey 20 copy copy Lindsey 21 copy copy Lindsey 22 copy copy Lindsey 24 copy copy Lindsey 25 copy copy



I have had the honor of photographing this beautiful family many times and every time it is always such a treat! Erin and Spener have such beautiful babies and Erin does a great job coordinating outfits and pulling everyone together (even though sometimes there is an uncooperative toddler :) ).


ERIN 1 copy ERIN 2 copy ERIN 3 copy ERIN 4 copy ERIN 5 copy ERIN 6 copy ERIN 7 copy ERIN 8 copy ERIN 9 copy ERIN 10 copy ERIN 11 copy ERIN 12 copy ERIN 14 copy ERIN 15 copy ERIN 16 copy ERIN 17 copy ERIN 18 copy

The Barwick family is just wonderful! We took their photos on their own land which was beautiful! My kids would have been in heaven with all of those woods :) .

Their kids were so well mannered and polite and it was a piece of cake getting some good shots!



Barwick 1 copy Barwick 2 copy Barwick 3 copy Barwick 4 copy Barwick 5 copy Barwick 6 copy Barwick 7 copy Barwick2 1 copy Barwick2 2 copy Barwick2 3 copy

November 2, 2015 in Babies, Family

I am excited to share a few of the photos that we captured of the Swann family! Their little boy Powell is just SO adorable and smiled almost the whole time!



Swann 1 copy Swann 2 copy Swann 3 copy Swann 4 copy Swann 5 copy Swann 6 copy Swann 8 copy Swann 9 copy Swann 12 copy Swann 13 copy Swann 14 copy

October 15, 2015 in Babies, Family

I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to photograph such sweet families like this one! I say it all the time but I have the best clients ever! I photographed Ashley and Chris’s wedding about 2 years ago and last week I was able to photograph their newest addition Memphis who is now 1 year old! We ended the session with a smash cake and outdoor bubble bath! I am SO in love with the bubble bath photos that we captured. He just lit up and enjoyed the bath even more then the cake! Here are my much narrowed down favorites!



Ashley 1 copy Ashley 3 copy Ashley 4 copy Ashley 5 copy Ashley 6 copy Ashley 7 copy Ashley 10 copy Ashley 11 copy Ashley 12 copy Ashley 13 copy Ashley 15 copy

AShley collage

Ashley 18 copy Ashley 19 copy