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The Barwick family is just wonderful! We took their photos on their own land which was beautiful! My kids would have been in heaven with all of those woods :).

Their kids were so well mannered and polite and it was a piece of cake getting some good shots!



Barwick 1 copy Barwick 2 copy Barwick 3 copy Barwick 4 copy Barwick 5 copy Barwick 6 copy Barwick 7 copy Barwick2 1 copy Barwick2 2 copy Barwick2 3 copy

Logan is a typical boy in so many aspects! Running around being silly and just wanting to have a good time! Heather really wanted to document this time in his life, especially since he just lost his two front teeth! There is something so cute about this age when kids loose their teeth. Its definitely something worth remembering!



Logan 1 copy Logan 7 copy Logan 12 copy Logan 14 copy Logan 18 copy Logan 24 copy Logan 25 copy Logan 30 copy Logan 47 copy