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Logan is a typical boy in so many aspects! Running around being silly and just wanting to have a good time! Heather really wanted to document this time in his life, especially since he just lost his two front teeth! There is something so cute about this age when kids loose their teeth. Its definitely something worth remembering!



Logan 1 copy Logan 7 copy Logan 12 copy Logan 14 copy Logan 18 copy Logan 24 copy Logan 25 copy Logan 30 copy Logan 47 copy

Erin is a good friend of mine and I wanted to do some creative and fun photos of her and her kids together. What’s funner then roasting having roasting marshmallows for s’mores? The kids had fun and Erin and I slept very well after the session! Haha!



erin 1 copy erin 2 copy erin 3 copy

I love Gracie’s confidence in how she looks in the picture 🙂 lol

erin2 copy

erin 4 copy erin 5 copy erin 6 copy erin 7 copy erin 8 copy erin 9 copy erin 10 copy erin 11 copy erin 12 copy erin 13 copy erin 14 copy erin 15 copy erin 16 copy

I love everyones expressions as the watch their marshmallow go up in flames!

erin 17 copy

This picture translates the nervousness that Erin and I experienced the whole session! Haha!

erin 18 copy erin 19 copy erin 20 copy  erin 22 copy erin 23 copy erin 25 copy erin 26 copy erin 27 copy erin 29 copy erin 30 copy erin 31 copy

Josh and Alison are dear friends to our family and are also our cousins! We love hanging out with them every chance that we get! We recently visited Destin Beach for a mini Christmas vacation, which is only about 20 minutes from where Josh and Alison live and so we decided to do a mini beach photography session of them with their kids. The clouds in the sky were scattered creating such a unique sky scape! Love how these came out!


ALISON 1 copy ALISON 2 copy ALISON 3 copy  ALISON 6 copy ALISON 7 copy ALISON 9 copy ALISON 11 copy ALISON 12 copy ALISON 13 copy ALISON 14 copy ALISON 15 copy ALISON 16 copy ALISON 17 copy ALISON 18 copy ALISON 19 copy

January 9, 2015 in Children

Is this not the cutest little three year old boy?! He was running around playing during the whole session. We had to chase him down for most of the shots!



ashli 3 copy ashli 4 copy ashli 5 copy ashli 6 copy ashli 7 copy


I always love this photographing this beautiful family! Madeline wasn’t very agreeable about taking pictures this particular day (she’s at the 2 year old stage that we all know so well)! But you would never know because she looks like the happiest kid in the world in these pictures! Ha! Braylyn and Tyler were posing it up the whole time. I wish I could share even more photos because there are so many funny ones of them doing silly poses!



Jeannie 1 copy Jeannie 2 copy Jeannie 3 copy Jeannie 4 copy Jeannie 5 copy Jeannie 6 copy Jeannie 7 copy Jeannie 8 copy Jeannie 9 copy

December 16, 2014 in Children, Family

The Lannings were so easy to photograph and I love how Megan coordinated their outfits! We did their session in the woods in my neighborhood and I just love the evening light that came out at the end!


Lanning 4 copy Lanning 11 copy Lanning 15 copy Lanning 20 copy Lanning 27 copy Lanning 32 copy Lanning 41 copy Lanning 63 copy Lanning 80 copy

This post is double fun because it includes two awesome families in one session! I could have posted a ton of favorites to this post but here are a few that I just loved!



bozeman 8 copy bozeman 17 copy bozeman 30 copy bozeman 34 copy bozeman 38 copy bozeman 47 copy bozeman 53 copy bozeman 66 copy bozeman 76 copy bozeman 94 copy bozeman 108 copy bozeman 123 copy

October 29, 2014 in Children, Family

What a beautiful family of girls! Ashlyn and her two daughters Allie and Kate were so photogenic and lots of fun to hang out with during their session! Here are my favorites!



Ashlyn 1 copy Ashlyn 2 copy Ashlyn 3 copy Ashlyn 4 copy Ashlyn 5 copy Ashlyn 6 copy Ashlyn 7 copy Ashlyn 8 copy Ashlyn 9 copy Ashlyn 10 copy Ashlyn 11 copy Ashlyn 12 copy Ashlyn 13 copy Ashlyn 14 copy

I have slacked off on blogging lately! I got so busy over Christmas that I had to put the blog on hold to catch up on editing! I’m excited to post the first blog in a couple of months! The Lewis family is as good as they get! I have known them for years and I love talking with them about the Lord and hearing about what he is doing in their lives. Their little boys are just great and apparently LOVE to wrestle! They have a new little baby girl named Kayla Joy and she is just precious! Here are a few of my favorites from their session!



LEWIS 1 copy

LEWIS copy

LEWIS 2 copy LEWIS 3 copy LEWIS 4 copy LEWIS 5 copy LEWIS 6 copy LEWIS 7 copy LEWIS 8 copy LEWIS 9 copy

November 12, 2013 in Babies, Children

This  little girl is just a ball of joy! She smiled the whole time and I’m pretty sure she was posing for the camera! Big sister Callie wasn’t as interested at first but she came around!


CALLIE 1 (1) copy CALLIE 2 (1) copy CALLIE 3 (1) copy CALLIE 4 (1) copy CALLIE 5 (1) copy CALLIE 6 (1) copy CALLIE 7 (1) copy CALLIE 8 (1) copy CALLIE 9 (1) copy