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I love this family! I shot Katie and Kyle’s wedding about four years ago and have enjoyed getting to photograph their sweet family ever since! Their two boys are just adorable!


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This spunky, little girl just turned five years old!  We took her photos downtown and ended her session at the cupcake shop! She wanted a picture with every animal statue that we saw downtown! lol

not the best picture material but she was happy and that’s really all you can ask for! Here are a few pictures from her session. I love her expressions!



Callie 5 copy Callie 12 copy Callie 15 copy Callie 16 copy Callie 18 copy Callie 19 copy Callie 24 copy Callie 30 copy Callie 35 copy Callie 38 copy

I enjoyed spending the morning with this sweet family taking pictures. Their little girls are just so precious! Thank you, Cook family, for allowing me to take pictures of you and your family!



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I always have so much fun planning a fun, unique session for a family that fits with their style! I have been wanting to do a fun summer-like session with water and popsicles. I feel like I’m reliving my own child hood days when we spent the whole day outside no matter how hot is was and if we were too hot, well… we’d just play in the hose! (FYI, as I was typing this, my 7 year old just walked up to me and said, “mom can we play in the hose?”) haha!

The kids had so much fun with this session and instead of fighting unwilling participants, we made awesome memories! I think this should be the new trend for family pictures…. to HAVE FUN together!!!


   Michelle 5 copy Michelle 6 copy Michelle 8 copy Michelle 9 copy Michelle 10 copy Michelle 11 copy Michelle 12 copy

SO what happened in the picture below, is that little brother hit the spout on the sprinkler right as older sister leaned down over it. Can you here her scream, “DILLON!!!”? HAHA, I love his laugh of complete satisfaction!

Michelle 13bw Michelle 14 copyBW Michelle 15 copy Michelle 16 copy Michelle 17 copy Michelle 18 copy Michelle 19 copy

I have been dreaming up some ideas for a little girls photo shoot for the last several months and I knew just the girls that would be perfect! I’ve been taking Braylyn and Madeline’s pictures since before Madeline was even born and I always love it! Braylyn, the older one, had us cracking up the whole time! She is such a fashion diva and had a whole lot of opinion on what she was wearing and how she would wear it! I think her exact words were, “Im going to look ridiculous in that!” Haha! But she was still willing to try everything and for that I have to give her a big high five! Madeline wasn’t so enthusiastic! She just wanted to be snuggled up in her blanket the whole time! I have to admit, with it being a little chilly outside, I kind of did too! Here are a few photos from the shoot!

If you enjoyed this styled shoot and you would be interested in one of your own, then get in touch with me and we can start planning!



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I have had the honor of photographing this beautiful family many times and every time it is always such a treat! Erin and Spener have such beautiful babies and Erin does a great job coordinating outfits and pulling everyone together (even though sometimes there is an uncooperative toddler :) ).


ERIN 1 copy ERIN 2 copy ERIN 3 copy ERIN 4 copy ERIN 5 copy ERIN 6 copy ERIN 7 copy ERIN 8 copy ERIN 9 copy ERIN 10 copy ERIN 11 copy ERIN 12 copy ERIN 14 copy ERIN 15 copy ERIN 16 copy ERIN 17 copy ERIN 18 copy

The Barwick family is just wonderful! We took their photos on their own land which was beautiful! My kids would have been in heaven with all of those woods :) .

Their kids were so well mannered and polite and it was a piece of cake getting some good shots!



Barwick 1 copy Barwick 2 copy Barwick 3 copy Barwick 4 copy Barwick 5 copy Barwick 6 copy Barwick 7 copy Barwick2 1 copy Barwick2 2 copy Barwick2 3 copy

Logan is a typical boy in so many aspects! Running around being silly and just wanting to have a good time! Heather really wanted to document this time in his life, especially since he just lost his two front teeth! There is something so cute about this age when kids loose their teeth. Its definitely something worth remembering!



Logan 1 copy Logan 7 copy Logan 12 copy Logan 14 copy Logan 18 copy Logan 24 copy Logan 25 copy Logan 30 copy Logan 47 copy

Erin is a good friend of mine and I wanted to do some creative and fun photos of her and her kids together. What’s funner then roasting having roasting marshmallows for s’mores? The kids had fun and Erin and I slept very well after the session! Haha!



erin 1 copy erin 2 copy erin 3 copy

I love Gracie’s confidence in how she looks in the picture :) lol

erin2 copy

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I love everyones expressions as the watch their marshmallow go up in flames!

erin 17 copy

This picture translates the nervousness that Erin and I experienced the whole session! Haha!

erin 18 copy erin 19 copy erin 20 copy  erin 22 copy erin 23 copy erin 25 copy erin 26 copy erin 27 copy erin 29 copy erin 30 copy erin 31 copy

Josh and Alison are dear friends to our family and are also our cousins! We love hanging out with them every chance that we get! We recently visited Destin Beach for a mini Christmas vacation, which is only about 20 minutes from where Josh and Alison live and so we decided to do a mini beach photography session of them with their kids. The clouds in the sky were scattered creating such a unique sky scape! Love how these came out!


ALISON 1 copy ALISON 2 copy ALISON 3 copy  ALISON 6 copy ALISON 7 copy ALISON 9 copy ALISON 11 copy ALISON 12 copy ALISON 13 copy ALISON 14 copy ALISON 15 copy ALISON 16 copy ALISON 17 copy ALISON 18 copy ALISON 19 copy