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February 4, 2016 in Babies

I had no idea when I planned to visit my sister in Atlanta that I would also get the opportunity to photograph my friend Angela’s son Kyler’s first birthday but everything lined up perfectly! It even ended up snowing! I live in South GA and snow is rare. I’ve literally only seen in maybe four times in my whole life! And so needless to say, I was so excited to get to do my first shoot in the snow! BTW isn’t Kyler the cutest little baby?! He was such a champ in the freezing cold snow!



Anglea 1 copy

Anglea 3 copy

Anglea 2 copy Anglea 4 copy Anglea 5 copy Anglea 6 copy Anglea 7 copy Anglea 8 copy Anglea 9 copy Anglea 10 copy Anglea 11 copy Anglea 12 copy Anglea 13 copy Anglea 14 copy Anglea 15 copy Anglea 16 copy Anglea2 1 copy Anglea2 2 copy Anglea2 3 copy Anglea2 4 copy Anglea2 5 copy Anglea2 6 copy Anglea2 7 copy

I have had the honor of photographing this beautiful family many times and every time it is always such a treat! Erin and Spener have such beautiful babies and Erin does a great job coordinating outfits and pulling everyone together (even though sometimes there is an uncooperative toddler 🙂 ).


ERIN 1 copy ERIN 2 copy ERIN 3 copy ERIN 4 copy ERIN 5 copy ERIN 6 copy ERIN 7 copy ERIN 8 copy ERIN 9 copy ERIN 10 copy ERIN 11 copy ERIN 12 copy ERIN 14 copy ERIN 15 copy ERIN 16 copy ERIN 17 copy ERIN 18 copy

November 2, 2015 in Babies, Family

I am excited to share a few of the photos that we captured of the Swann family! Their little boy Powell is just SO adorable and smiled almost the whole time!



Swann 1 copy Swann 2 copy Swann 3 copy Swann 4 copy Swann 5 copy Swann 6 copy Swann 8 copy Swann 9 copy Swann 12 copy Swann 13 copy Swann 14 copy

October 15, 2015 in Babies, Family

I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to photograph such sweet families like this one! I say it all the time but I have the best clients ever! I photographed Ashley and Chris’s wedding about 2 years ago and last week I was able to photograph their newest addition Memphis who is now 1 year old! We ended the session with a smash cake and outdoor bubble bath! I am SO in love with the bubble bath photos that we captured. He just lit up and enjoyed the bath even more then the cake! Here are my much narrowed down favorites!



Ashley 1 copy Ashley 3 copy Ashley 4 copy Ashley 5 copy Ashley 6 copy Ashley 7 copy Ashley 10 copy Ashley 11 copy Ashley 12 copy Ashley 13 copy Ashley 15 copy

AShley collage

Ashley 18 copy Ashley 19 copy



October 5, 2015 in Babies

This is my beautiful niece Lydian! She is very adventurous and loves being outside so we took all of her pictures outside. We got thorough about 30 minutes before she decided she had enough and wanted to go to bed! SO glad that we still got some great pictures of her before she lost her cool!


Lydian 4 copy

Lydian2 1 copy

Lydian 3 copyLydian2 2 copy

Lydian 5 copy Lydian 7 copy Lydian 8 copy Lydian 9 copy Lydian 10 copy Lydian 11 copy Lydian 12 copy Lydian 13 copy

August 30, 2015 in Babies

The purpose of this photoshoot was to get some updated photos of sweet little anniston, but we did get a few shots of her whole family too! You would think the weather was perfect outside by looking at these photos but the truth is that it was blazing hot outside and we were all drenched in sweat! Thank God you can’t tell! Haha. I am SO looking forward to October when the weather cools off!




jennifer 1 copy

jennifer1 copy

jennifer 6 copy jennifer 7 copy jennifer 8 copy jennifer 9 copy

So sweet! Can you tell she loves her Mama?

Sjennifer 11 copy jennifer 13 copy

I can’t get over how cute her little face is!

jennifer 14 copy jennifer 15 copy jennifer 16 copy jennifer 17 copy jennifer 18 copy jennifer 19 copy

You gotta love a good crying shot!

jennifer 20 copy

What an amazing older brother! He was singing to her and trying to calm her down 🙂

jennifer 21 copy jennifer 22 copy

Fynlee was full of smiles during her session! She is such a good baby and didn’t even get the slightest bit fussy until after the very last picture was taken! Here are some favorites taken from her session!


Fynlee 1 copy Fynlee 2 copy Fynlee 4 copy Fynlee 5 copy Fynlee 6 copy Fynlee 7 copy Fynlee 9 copy Fynlee 10 copy Fynlee 11 copy Fynlee 12 copy Fynlee 13 copy Fynlee 14 copy