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These two girls are just so precious and so much fun to photograph! I have loved capturing their first year together and to see how much they change from session to session. They have tons of fun taking pictures because they get to plat instruments, eat cake, swim, play outside and eat watermelon! Here are just a few from their last session!


They play the piano with their mama every day ­čÖé


A whole new world to discover!



Just a little bit of reality for ya! They were not having the head bands! It’s hard to see, but Adalyn is in mid throw and Brooklyn isn’t far behind!

I’m sure they will be driving together when they are teenagers too for days on the town!





These girls just never run out of cuteness! I have loved photographing them since they were born! They have such a different personalties and it is so fun capturing it! We tried setting up a lemonade stand and sitting the girls in the grass but Addalyn was NOT on board with that plan! She acted like we were torturing her when her feet would hit the grass! lol

So we ended up improvising with a rocking chair which she tolerated just fine. Meanwhile Brooklyn was completely chill the whole time. Even when we gave her lemons, she didn’t even scrunch up her face once. She actually got so mad at us when we tried to take away her lemon! haha┬áAddalyn on the other hand was giving sour faces right and left! Their favorite part of the shoot was the pool, and the cookies at the end were a close second!



AndB 9 months 12 copy AndB 9 months 16 copy AndB 9 months 21 copy AndB 9 months 36 copy



A very realistic picture of motherhood!

AndB 9 months 42 copy AndB 9 months 50 copy AndB 9 months 52 copy AndB 9 months 56 copy AndB 9 months 59 AndB 9 months 62 copy AndB 9 months 72 copy AndB 9 months 73 copy AndB 9 months 92 copy AndB 9 months 93 copy AndB 9 months 96 copy AndB 9 months 98 copy AndB 9 months 99 copy AndB 9 months 113 AndB 9 months 114 AndB 9 months 119 copy

I have been photographing these sweet little girls since they were born and they are growing SO fast. Every few months when I come back to take their pictures, they have completely changed! It was fun incorporating St. Patties Day and Dr. Seuss Day into the photos! I can’t wait until their 9 month session!


AandB 6 months 18 copy AandB 6 months 24 copy

We took their picture in this basket when they were 1 month old and so we decided to keep up the tradition ­čÖé



AandB 123


AandB 6 months 30 copy AandB 6 months 32 copy AandB 6 months 34 copy AandB 6 months 39 copy AandB 6 months 50 copy AandB 6 months 54 copy AandB 6 months 60 copy AandB 6 months 62 copy AandB 6 months 67 copy AandB 6 months 73 copy AandB 6 months 77 copy AandB 6 months 85 copy AandB 6 months 90 copy AandB 6 months 96 copy AandB 6 months 103 copy AandB 6 months 105 copy

November 7, 2016 in Babies

What a CUTE little boy! Landon is all smiles and has such a great disposition! We took these photos right at his house and ended it with a photo of him in his first halloween costume!




Landoncollage copy copy


Landon 5 copy Landon 12 copy Landon 19 copy Landon 29 copy Landon 38 copy Landon 40 copy Landon 44 copy











I enjoyed spending the morning with this sweet family taking pictures. Their little girls are just so precious! Thank you, Cook family, for allowing me to take pictures of you and your family!



Amanda 1copy Amanda 2copy Amanda 3copy Amanda 4 copy Amanda 5 copy Amanda 6 copy Amanda 7copy



Amanda 9 copy Amanda 10copy


AMANDA copycopy

Amanda 12copy Amanda 13 Amanda 14copy Amanda 15copy


July 13, 2016 in Babies

We had taken some photos of Anniston not long ago and she had a complete meltdown the entire time! This lead us to planning a reshoot and I must say this child had a complete turnaround! She is so full of joy and happiness that it runs off on you! She was cheesing at us the whole time even though she wasn’t old enough to say “cheese”. Anniston, you are definitely one precious and sweet baby and I know your parents are so blessed!



Anniston 33 copy Anniston 35 copy Anniston 39 copy Anniston 46 copy Anniston 49 copy Anniston 68 copycopy Anniston 92 copy  Anniston 100 copy Anniston 110 copy Anniston 111 copy Anniston 115 copy

We started Eden’s session off outside and she was NOT thrilled about the grass touching her! lol ┬á┬áTypical girl! ┬áThe first few shots below were actually taken from mom’s lap since Eden wouldn’t let her put her down. We ended up at Small Cakes downtown and she got very happy there and was great the rest of the time! Here are a few shots from her session!


Eden 3 copy Eden 6 Eden 10 copy copy Eden 11 copy copy Eden 26 copy Eden 28 copy Eden 37 copy Eden 45 copy Eden 47 copy

June 15, 2016 in Babies, Newborns

I’m so happy for my friends Adam and Cheryl on their new baby boy, Luke! I have had the privilege of photographing their daughter, Eden when she was born and now I got to take pictures of Luke as well! Thanks for having me Adam and Cheryl and congrats on an adorable little boy!



Luke 6 copy Luke 14 copy Luke 32 copy Luke 77 copy Luke 81 copy Luke 84 copy Luke 87 copy Luke 105 copy Luke 112 copy

February 4, 2016 in Babies

I had no idea when I planned to visit my sister in Atlanta that I would also get the opportunity to photograph my friend Angela’s son Kyler’s first birthday but everything lined up perfectly! It even ended up snowing! I live in South GA and snow is rare. I’ve literally only seen in maybe four times in my whole life! And so needless to say, I was so excited to get to do my first shoot in the snow! BTW isn’t Kyler the cutest little baby?! He was such a champ in the freezing cold snow!



Anglea 1 copy

Anglea 3 copy

Anglea 2 copy Anglea 4 copy Anglea 5 copy Anglea 6 copy Anglea 7 copy Anglea 8 copy Anglea 9 copy Anglea 10 copy Anglea 11 copy Anglea 12 copy Anglea 13 copy Anglea 14 copy Anglea 15 copy Anglea 16 copy Anglea2 1 copy Anglea2 2 copy Anglea2 3 copy Anglea2 4 copy Anglea2 5 copy Anglea2 6 copy Anglea2 7 copy

I have had the honor of photographing this beautiful family many times and every time it is always such a treat! Erin and Spener have such beautiful babies and Erin does a great job coordinating outfits and pulling everyone together (even though sometimes there is an uncooperative┬átoddler ­čÖé ).


ERIN 1 copy ERIN 2 copy ERIN 3 copy ERIN 4 copy ERIN 5 copy ERIN 6 copy ERIN 7 copy ERIN 8 copy ERIN 9 copy ERIN 10 copy ERIN 11 copy ERIN 12 copy ERIN 14 copy ERIN 15 copy ERIN 16 copy ERIN 17 copy ERIN 18 copy